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New to Gallery

Heritage Decorations – Working in East Perth, delightful clients, delightful views, great work !

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It’s That Time of Year

It’s that time of year when we are preparing for summer and the festive season – so why not call Heritage Decorations for a free quote to refresh your home !

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Death of Feature Walls

Requests for the removal of the feature wall is reaching new heights. Old fashioned, outdated now being replaced by bright whites from a range of the white colour palette….. update your personal space with new refreshing colours or maybe even some wall paper to add vibrancy to your home. Call us now on Heritage Decorations […]

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Brush Away The Winter Cobwebs

Time to dust off the winter cobwebs and tackle the maintenance work ! Painting can be time consuming and laborious, so why not get some good advice and help from Heritage Decorations, we cater for all your painting needs, in an efficient and effective time period to suit your schedule. Let our team take the […]

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As we head to summer….

As we head to summer this is a great opportunity to prepare your house for harsh summer heat, whether it is refreshing the walls, varnishing or painting your woodwork, now is a great time to take advantage of the quiet time.

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Handy Hints for Outdoor Timber Maintenance

Here at Heritage Decorations we love how timber work can look on the outside of a house… But let’s face it, if you have exterior wood work it NEEDS to be maintained. Peeling finishes and decaying wood can significantly undermine the aesthetics and even the dollar value of your home. We do provide our own […]

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Perth Residential and Commercial Painting & Decorating Services

Heritage Decorations, Perth, Western Australia is a team of highly trained painters and certified decorators with years of experience. We will provide you with an in-depth quotation and specification of the tasks, indicating the best suited and most available materials to match each painting & decorating job including where required, colour consultation, periodic maintenance and inspection.

HIA Accredited Master Painters Accredited Dulux Accredited WA Government Building Commission Accredited